We go beyond installation to long-term service and relationships..


Need Maintenance?

Internal Control Systems of Houston has spent many years providing long-term preventative maintenance services for communities, commercial, and Industrial sites in the Houston area.  We can provide you with monthly or quarterly site maintenance services. 

Call us today to see how we can help you with the long-term care of your system(s). Tel:713-218-0123

Need Support?

Internal Control Systems of Houston, Inc. offers remote desktop support to our clients.  If you need assistance with an access control database, video surveillance system, or other questions we can provide you with remote desktop support. 


  • State licensed access, surveillance, and database management
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Custom fabrication,design, and installations for new or exisiting equipment
  • Surface mounted speed bumps, spike strips, and bollard installations
  • Remote desktop support to clients regarding access control and surveillance software
  • One-on-one client training for access control software, database maintenance, and camera system software
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates Powder Coating - removal and reinstallation
  • Click 2 Enter, Knox Lock and Key Switch, City of Houston 911 Installations
  • City of Houston & Harris County Electric Lock Permits and Site Inspection Services
  • Vehicle Gate repairs and remanufacturing when damaged by vehicle impacts
  • Onsite inspections for gates and access control equipment conditon, status, and recommendations
  • Pool Emergency 911 telephone sales & service
  • Electronic Speed Limit Signs for traffic analytics and monitoring
  • Fire Marshal Inspections and Compliance violation corrections and reinspections